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  • We are looking forward to a great week where safety and learning is our top priority. Our students have been doing an outstanding job with our transitions from class to class so we will continue with the bells on this week with an entire school PA prompt for teachers to step out into the halls 30 seconds prior to the bell. This strategy will allow time for teachers to be proactive during class changes.    


    Our SMS students will have an assembly on Tuesday, November 5 . Thanks to our PTA for sponsoring this informative presentation called Go Viral!   GO VIRAL! is a new 40 minute multi-media experience from Camfel Productions designed to challenge students to make real connections. Cell phones and social media have altered how we communicate today in some amazing ways. These fabulous tools are incredibly useful for navigating through life today. However, too many students are abusing these tools as well. Social media is filled misleading information or students posting images seeking affirmation via hearts, likes and smiles. Some even use social media as a way to bully and criticize others to build themselves up. GO VIRAL will motivate your students to act responsibly within the social media world. They'll be challenged to post more real and encouraging comments. They'll be inspired to seek out face to face encounters and GO VIRAL with kind words and a smile. GO VIRAL will help your students gain a new sense of their own innate worth, they'll grow to appreciate the diversity of race, language, and culture that make up the community in which they live.

    Wednesday, November 6th is the end of term 1. Report cards will be distributed Wednesday, November 13th!

    Friday, November 8th is a professional day this means there is no school for students.

    We will have a Chipotle fundraiser on Wednesday, November 13 from 5-9 pm at the Chipotle near Salisbury University. The funds from this fundraiser will help to support our winter clubs. 

    Our SMS family would like to welcome Amy Blevins! Mrs. Blevins will be taking over our general music classes in place of Mrs. Walls who has accepted another position.   

    Let’s have a great week!   Thank you again for all the continued support!





    Students and parents: IF YOU SEE OR HEAR SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING ON OUR TIP LINE! Let's work together to keep our school and community safe!





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