Dr. Hanlin with student at Board of Education Meeting
  • A Letter from the Superintendent

    Dear Community Members, Families, and Staff of Wicomico County Public Schools,

    Last year, Achieve! 1.0 launched my first letter to the community as your new Superintendent of
    Wicomico County Public Schools. The document provided a three-phase overview of my first year 
    through the listening and learning that led to four Vision Points and a description of major initiatives
    moving forward for Wicomico County Public Schools (WCPS).

    With Achieve! 1.0 as the foundation, Achieve! 2.0 presents a narrative describing where we are
    focusing our efforts in my second year as Superintendent of Schools, for the 2017-2018 school year
    and beyond. The report begins as it did last year with my Core Values, as I believe it is important
    that the community be reminded of the values that guide my daily work as a leader in education,
    and that strongly influenced the creation of the Vision Points. The Vision Points then follow,
    articulating the aspirations of community and staff for our public schools and focusing our work
    moving forward.

    Achieve! 2.0 then delves more deeply into our major priorities for the 2017-2018 school year and
    into the near future. These priorities have been designed to move WCPS closer to achieving our
    Vision Points. They provide a clear focus for our work, and serve as the foundation for the develop-
    ment of the FY19 Wicomico County Board of Education General Fund Budget. The achievement of
    our goals and the associated strategies are conceived with the ultimate aim of achieving excellence
    for our school system and for our students.

    Whether you are a student, family member, employee or community member, you are an important
    part of our schools and the success of our school system. I thank our entire community for its
    support and commitment to continuous improvement in Wicomico County Public Schools. WCPS is
    very fortunate to have exceptional teachers, outstanding administrators and excellent support staff
    who are helping students reach their full potential every day. Together, we are providing students
    with the knowledge and resources they will need to carry them well into the future.

     Dr. Hanlin on stage of Mardela High School Graduation of 2018