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    Birth to Five


    The Wicomico County Birth to Five Program provides an array of services to children from birth through age three and children ages 3-5.  Referrals can be made by calling 410-677-5250 or emailing btofive@wcboe.org

    Children ages birth to three:

    The Program is family-centered & community based. It serves children who have a developmental delay or who are at risk for a developmental delay.  Services are designed to maximize the developmental potential of children while providing support to families. The program uses a parent coaching model which empowers the family to be their child's first and best teacher. Through collaboration with hospitals & community agencies, the Program also helps families navigate the range of services that are outside the scope of the early intervention system. The program partners the Wicomico County Public Schools, the Wicomico County Department of Health and the Wicomico County Department of Social Services together in assisting families who reside in Wicomico County.

    Parent Series to Early Intervention

    Services are provided year round at no cost to families. If your child is found eligible prior to the age of three, the Birth to Five Program, using the parent coaching model, can target the following areas in the Individualized Family Service PlanParent Information Series Understanding the IFSP :

    • Cognition
    • Communication
    • Social/Emotional
    • Self-help
    • Fine Motor
    • Gross Motor
    • Hearing
    • Vision

    Maryland Healthy Beginnngs is a great resource for reviewing milestones for your child.

    Birth to Five Program staff members use a routines-based and activities-based intervention model to help parents learn and use techniques that will facilitate their children’s development.

    Services are provided in the child's natural envinroment such as home, community or center-based settings.  Sessions are scheduled with your individucal service provider Monday through Friday.

    To make a referral for children ages birth to two call 410-677-5250 or complete the form referral form and send via email birthto5@wcboe.org or fax 410-677-5817.


    Extended IFSP Option:Parent Series When Your Child Turns Three

    At the age of three, if the child continues to be eligible for services, the family may choose to continue on an Extended IFSP until the age of four (preK age eligible) Services will remain in the natural environment. At the age of four, if the child continues to be eligible, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) will be written. Services are provided at no cost to families. Among the range of services that may be offered to children and families:

    • Speech Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Nursing services
    • Social Work
    • Audiology Services
    • Family Counseling

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