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    Preschool special education services

    Preschool special education services are designed to provide children between the ages of three and five years of age with disabilities with services to enhance their developmental functioning. Services are provided in the least restrictive environment. This can include home and community settings as well as in school-based settings.

     Parent Series PreSchool Special Education

    The Preschool Child Find IEP Team provides identification services to children from three to five years of age who may have a disability. Parents, medical personnel, or other concerned individuals may make a referral. If the IEP team suspects that the child has a disability after reviewing all screening information, assessments in all areas related to the suspected disability, are recommended. Upon written parental consent, the recommended assessments are conducted by the school-based staff and reviewed by the IEP team at an IEP team meeting. For those children determined eligible for services, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed. The IEP team reviews the IEP, identifies services needed to implement the IEP, and considers options for the provision of services in the least restrictive environment.

    To make a referral of a child not enrolled in a public pre-kindergarten program, call 410-677-5250.