Mission Statement

  • Pinehurst

    Mission and Vision Statements

    The mission of Pinehurst School is to create a learning community where all students are celebrated for their individual diversity and academic success. All stakeholders will contribute to the learning environment that fosters high academic achievement, positive social/emotional growth which will prepare the individual child in becoming college and career ready.


    Belief Statements:

    We believe:

    • Instruction must be aligned with the goals and expectations for student learning.

    • Our school encourages students to become confident, self-directed, life-long learners. • Our school community must be valued and treated with respect.

    • All students have the right to learn, and all teachers have the right to teach in a safe and comfortable environment.

    • All students and staff must accept responsibility for their behavior and the choices they make and behave in a way teaching, and learning can occur.

    • Individual integrity, tolerance and respect for others must be taught, modeled, expected, and acknowledged in all areas of our school and in the students’ life.

    • Foster partnerships with families, businesses, and the community.




    • We service PK-5 th grade which allows us to lay the foundation for the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical well-being of the child using developmentally appropriate practices.

    • Academic success for all students.

    • Celebrating the diversity of all learners.

    • Positive social/emotional growth for all students.

    • Fostering a positive learning environment focusing on College and Career Readiness.

    • We encourage parental involvement at school events.

    • Quality instruction by engaging all students.

    • Staff professional development.