Arts Integration

  • Since the summer of 2008, Wicomico County has offered training concerning Arts Integration Instruction to all Elementary (by grade level) and Middle schools (by teams) within the county. We currently have five (5) elementary schools who consider themselves “Arts Integration Schools”. Twenty Nine (29) teachers from six (6) elementary schools will be undergoing Arts Integration training this June 2016. The definitions and parameters driving the incorporation of Arts integration into the elementary and middle schools since 2008 are:

    Definition of Arts Integration Instruction : A method of instruction that fully engages the students in learning concepts, critical thinking skills, developing problem solving techniques, creativity, innovation, communication and collaboration.

    Successful Arts Integration results in the seamless blending of arts area objectives within the academic lesson where natural connections occur. Students gain knowledge and or skills in both subjects.

High School Visual Arts

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Fine Arts Standards

  • Fine Arts Standards