Curriculum Summary

    Students educated in Wicomico County Public schools are provided with a myriad of opportunities to refine their knowledge and develop their skills.  Spiraled expectations that grow from elementary school to middle school and through high school ensure that students are prepared for colleges and careers.  Literate and well-spoken students are cultivated through trans-disciplinary approaches that address the Maryland College and Career Readiness Standards. Through common planning and professional development, teachers use current instructional trends and relevant student data to identify teacher and student needs, resulting in thoughtful instructional practices.

    The English and Reading Language Arts classrooms are tiered to provide the opportunity for students to infuse all their language skills.  To develop as competent and insightful readers, students engage both literary and informational texts of varying degrees of complexity.  Whether developing arguments, creating a narrative, or researching a topic of high interest, students articulate themselves both formally and informally through grammatically correct written expression.   Class discussions help clarify student thoughts and promote inquiry based learning.

    By the culmination of their high school tenure, students in Wicomico County Public schools have language arts experiences that demonstrate an array of proficiency in a range of tasks, purposes, and audiences.