• The State Retirement and Pension System of Maryland (MSRS) contributions will not be taken from your paycheck for a period of unpaid leave therefore it is your responsibility to submit a MSRA Form 46 to protect your retirement benefits while on a qualified leave. If you fail to complete the form, you may be precluded from receiving retirement credit for this leave period.

    It is your responsibility to notify your Principal or Supervisor and the Benefits Office immediately of any change(s) in connection with this request (including an address change) while you are on leave.
    Leave is without pay unless the situation qualifies you to use your own accumulated sick, personal or annual leave.
    Members of the Sick Leave Bank must contact their association to apply for a grant.
    Requests to changes in benefits, including the addition of a newborn or adopted child, must be made within 30 days of childbirth, adoption or family status change for coverage to be effective. Submit your request through Benefitfocus.
    Wicomico County Public Schools conforms to the requirements of the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA). Employees are subject to FMLA definitions and criteria. Refer to your negotiated agreement and employee handbook along with the WCBOE “Family and Medical Leave Act Policy” and “Family and Medical Leave Act – Procedure”.
    Any and all leave that is covered by FMLA will be counted against the annual twelve (12) work week FMLA entitlement.