•       -   WCPS Phone Directory Upgrade  -

    Exciting News! Our WCPS Phone Directory is now accessible from Xia Links.

    Please share this information with your staff. Enjoy!


    • Open Xia links
    • Press F5 on your keyboard to refresh
    • Look for the WCPS Phone Directory Icon






    Tech Tips - Got a Minute?

     Take a look at our featured apps. They are unbelievable!





  • Tech Tips


              Texting Tip

    • When texting on your cell, tap the spacebar twice to add a period to the end of your sentence


               PowerPoint Tips

    • Blackout a PPT slide during a presentation by hitting the “B” key. Hit it again to resume your slideshow
    • Don’t want a black screen? Hit “W” to make it a white screen


               YouTube Tips

    • “K” will pause and play that YouTube video you’re watching
    • “L” will do a 10 second fast forward and “J” will complete a 10-second rewind on YouTube


               Internet Tips

    • Simply press the Ctrl+H key combination to find the history in any browser
    • Tap the spacebar to scroll down a page online
    • Hold Shift while tapping the spacebar to scroll back up the page
    • If you want to change the size of the text on a webpage, hold CTRL  and move the wheel on your mouse forward or backwards.
    • You can also change the size of the text by holding CTRL and “+”; to make it smaller hold CTRL and “– “