Parkside Planetarium

  • Parkside High School is home to Wicomico County Public Schools' planetarium.  The original (1974) Minolta MS-8 star projector is able to display a view of the night sky from any moment in time and at any location on the earth.   Thanks to annual maintenance, our MS-8 has the distinction of being the fourth-oldest Minolta star projector in operation in North America.  Recent planetarium upgrades include:

    • Full dome LCD projection system, allowing display of educational videos in astronomy and a range of other content areas
    • New seats, carpet and up-to-code sprinkler system installed
    • Repainting of the 30' planetarium dome
    • Fabrication & installation of a mechanical lift system to support the MS-8 and allow for better view of the full dome projection system
    • Installation of a 75" flat panel LCD
    • Installation of a professional sound system (replaced circa 1980 home stereo system in 2021)

    The planetarium is home to the Honors Astronomy course, and also hosts nearly 2,000 1st and 5th grade students during the school year.  The planetarium welcomes outside groups, such as scouts, private schools, and summer camps.  In addition, planetarium staff are planning evening community outreach events for the 2022-23 school year.

    Organizations interested in having a planetarium presentation may contact Science Supervisor, Ms. Hemalatha Bhaskaran, for rates and availability.