• Wicomico County Board of Education employees are always encouraged to speak freely with their supervisors, even with regard to concerns they may have about their workplace. In certain cases, however, they may feel it isn't appropriate to discuss their concerns with their supervisor. For this reason, WCBOE has taken additional steps to foster an ethical workplace for all employees by contracting with Lighthouse Services, Inc. to provide a place where they can report concerns anonymously. The hotline represents the Board's commitment to fostering an ethical workplace for all employees and to protecting public resources.

    How can a WCBOE employee make an anonymous report of an incident of fraud, waste or abuse to the hotline?

    Employees can make a report anonymously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reports can be received in English or Spanish.
    Toll free : 1-800-401-7239

    How can a WCBOE employee submit a comment to the Board of Education?

    Employees can simply email