• Family and Student Portal

    With Aspens Family and Student portals, teachers, parents, and students have an arena for open communication.



    Because Aspen is web-based, teachers can access their gradebook anytime, anywhere, with no software to download



    Manage information regarding the activity in the schools health office.



    Aspens Pages facilitate the exchange of information between any number of groups, thus increasing personalized learning and communications. Pages are like mini web sites that enable teachers and schools to provide individualized content to their members.



    Aspen provides powerful reporting tools. We have the ability to customize reports to meet our schools needs.



    Aspen builds the master schedule that meets our schools staff, building, and, most importantly, student needs. Our scheduler can build virtually any type of schedule.


    Special Education

    Aspens Special Education view is a comprehensive solution for creating and maintaining individualized education programs (IEPs) and managing the special education process.


    Tool For State Reporting and

    Aspen includes a framework for supporting state and federal reporting requirements.


    State Reports
    • Attendance Reports
      • September Enrollment
      • March Early Attendance
      • June – End of Year Attendance
    • High School Assessments (HSA)
      • Summer
      • October
      • January
      • Senior April Administration
      • May Administration
      • Scores Verification
        • December
        • May
    • MSA Reading and Mathematics
      • January/April
    • MSA Science
      • January/May
    • High School Assessments Status and Completions
      • August
    • Highly Qualified Teachers
      • February
      • May
    • Student Discipline
      • August
    • English Language Learners (ELL)
      • October
    • Special Education
      • October Census
      • June Exit
      • Maryland Indicator 11 (September Final)
        • Reported Quarterly
      • Maryland Indicator 12 (September)
        • Reported Quarterly
      • Maryland Indicator 13 (September)
        • Reported Quarterly
    • Student-Course-Grade Teacher Data Collection
      • February
      • July
    • CTE Enrollment
      • May
    • Fitness and Athletic Equity Reporting
      • May
    • Migrant Report Information
      • September
      • November
      • June
    • Maryland Model for School Readiness (MMSR)
      • Fall
      • Spring
    • Health Department
      • Daily Attendance Totals
    Aspen Import/Export With Aspen, we import and export data to and from a variety of other applications regularly.
    • Destiny
    • FitnessGram
    • Horizon
    • Laservault
    • Parentlink
    • Performance Matters
    • Scholatic Reading Inventory
    • Stars
    • Transfinder