• Wicomico County Public Schools Announces School Leadership Teams for 2022-2023

    The following school administrative teams are in place for Wicomico County Public Schools for the 2022-2023 school year. Please congratulate each of these administrative leaders as they put their experience and talent to work in new assignments for the 2022-2023 school year.

    The leadership team is listed for each school and program. A summary of the leadership changes is also provided.


    2022-2023 School Leadership Teams

    Beaver Run Elementary: Principal Curt Twilley, Assistant Principals Cindy Becker and Parris Abt

    Charles H. Chipman Elementary: Principal Antionette Perry, Assistant Principal Meeka McCoy

    Delmar Elementary: Principal Kirby Bryson, Assistant Principals Shelly Hall and Chris McLaughlin

    East Salisbury Elementary: Principal Maria Wright, Assistant Principal Dr. Keoshia Warner-Chaibou, Dean of Students Pamela Slade


    Fruitland Intermediate: Principal Tara Parsons, Assistant Principal Valerie Folsom

    Fruitland Primary: Principal Lisa Forbush, Assistant Principal Christina Murray

    Glen Avenue Elementary: Principal Michele McGoogan, Assistant Principal Twynette Binns

    North Salisbury Elementary: Principal Kimberly Pinhey, Assistant Principal Marie Baker, Dean of Students Tiffany Redden


    Northwestern Elementary: Principal Aly Dargan, Assistant Principal Gerrie Wiersberg

    Pemberton Elementary: Principal Dr. Ryan Kessler, Assistant Principal Kaytlin Curren

    Pinehurst Elementary: Principal Chelsea Seabrease, Assistant Principal Madison O’Leary, Dean of Students Jennifer Hill

    Prince Street Elementary: Principal Jason Miller, Assistant Principals Kim Waters and Sheree Douglas-Johnson, Dean of Students Dr. Carla Hodges-Brown


    West Salisbury Elementary: Principal Kimandi Binns, Assistant Principal Lauren Monroe

    Westside Intermediate: Principal Christina Stewart, Assistant Principal Breonna Hopkins

    Westside Primary: Principal Glendon Jones, Lead Teacher Tawanda Small

    Willards Elementary: Principal Judy Nicholson, Assistant Principal Jennifer Rice


    Pittsville Elementary and Middle: Principal Kristina Gosnell, Assistant Principal Angela Kerrick

    Bennett Middle: Principal Erin Nathan, Assistant Principals Vera Reed and Johanna Duncan, Deans of Students Kamesha Miller and Daniel Menear

    Salisbury Middle: Principal Terance Dunn, Assistant Principals James Hesen and Jen Mudd, Deans of Students Carrie Reeve and Joseph Blaszkow

    Wicomico Middle: Principal Jason Capobianco, Assistant Principals Latonya Wilson and Jo A. Branham, Deans of Students Cliff Reed and Jason Hussey


    Mardela Middle and High: Principal Liza Hastings, Assistant Principals Dr. Doreen Nolan and Nancy Guillemart, Dean of Students Joseph Hallman

    James M. Bennett High: Principal Christel Savage, Assistant Principals Brent Lewis, Sarah Harmon and Alison Dunn, Deans of Students Devin Smith and Greg Lasinski

    Parkside High: Principal Tara O’Barsky, Assistant Principals Brian Briggs, Keith Bailey and William Witte (CTE), Deans of Students Heather Sneeuwjagt and Leslie Tolley

    Wicomico High: Principal Dr. Undrea Blake, Assistant Principals Kenneth Popp, Georgine Fronczak and Tessa Celeste, Deans of Students Kalthoum Gharbi and Bradford Dalton


    Choices Academy: Principal Courtney Elliott, Assistant Principal Michael Beale, Dean of Students Bonnie Johnson

    Wicomico Evening High: Principal Lavion Bratten, Assistant Principal Amy Rhodes, Deans of Students Devin Smith and Pamela Slade

    English Language Support Center (ELSC): Principal Lavion Bratten, Assistant Principal Amy Rhodes


    Summary of School Administrative Changes for 2022-2023

    Principal Changes:

    Principal, Fruitland Intermediate: Ms. Tara Parsons. Ms. Parsons (formerly Assistant Principal at East Salisbury Elementary) replaced Mr. Jon Shearer, who retired.

    Principal, Glen Avenue Elementary: Mrs. Michele McGoogan. Ms. McGoogan (formerly an Assistant Principal at Delmar Elementary) replaced Dr. Kathy Vail, who retired.

    Principal, West Salisbury Elementary: Mr. Kimandi Binns. Mr. Binns (formerly Assistant Principal at West Salisbury Elementary) replaced Ms. Melva P. Wright, who retired.

    Principal at Wicomico Middle: Mr. Jason Capobianco. Mr. Capobianco (formerly an Assistant Principal at James M. Bennett High) took over as Wicomico Middle’s principal from Mr. Chris Nunzio, who had been serving as Interim Principal.

    Principal at Wicomico High: Dr. Undrea Blake. Dr. Blake (formerly an Assistant Principal at James M. Bennett High) replaced Mr. Ron Greene, who is now Supervisor of Community Schools in the Division of Student & Family Services.


    Assistant Principal (AP) Changes:

    Assistant Principal, Charles H. Chipman Elementary: Ms. Meeka McCoy. Ms. McCoy (formerly a teacher at West Salisbury Elementary) replaced AP Ms. Lauren Monroe at Chipman, with Ms. Monroe becoming Assistant Principal at West Salisbury Elementary.

    Assistant Principal, Delmar Elementary: Mr. Chris McLaughlin. Mr. McLaughlin (formerly Dean of Students at North Salisbury Elementary) replaced AP Mrs. Michele McGoogan, who became Principal at Glen Avenue Elementary.

    Assistant Principal, East Salisbury Elementary: Dr. Keoshia Warner-Chaibou. Dr. Warner-Chaibou (formerly Dean of Students at East Salisbury Elementary) replaced Ms. Tara Parsons as East Salisbury’s AP, with Ms. Parsons becoming Principal at Fruitland Intermediate.

    Assistant Principal, Northwestern Elementary: Ms. Gerrie Wiersberg. Ms. Wiersberg (formerly an Elementary Science Specialist, Prekindergarten-Grade 2) replaced AP Ms. Johanna Duncan, who became an Assistant Principal at Bennett Middle.

    Assistant Principal, Pemberton Elementary: Ms. Kaytlin Curren. Ms. Curren (formerly Assistant Principal of Greensboro Elementary in Caroline County) replaced AP Ms. Carla Hicks, who retired.


    Assistant Principal, Pinehurst Elementary: Ms. Madison O’Leary. Ms. O’Leary (formerly Dean of Students at Pinehurst Elementary) replaced former AP Ms. Lisa King, who now serves as the Supervisor of Secondary English Language Arts & Media.

    Assistant Principal, Prince Street Elementary: Ms. Sheree Douglas-Johnson. Ms. Douglas-Johnson (formerly an Assistant Principal at Wicomico High) took the new Assistant Principal position at Prince Street.

    Assistant Principal, West Salisbury Elementary: Ms. Lauren Monroe. Ms. Monroe (formerly Assistant Principal at Charles H. Chipman Elementary) took over as Assistant Principal from West Salisbury AP Mr. Kimandi Binns, who is now West Salisbury’s Principal.

    Assistant Principal, Westside Intermediate: Ms. Breonna Hopkins. Ms. Hopkins (formerly Dean of Students at Choices Academy) replaced AP Ms. Glenda Sinclair, who retired.

    Assistant Principal, Pittsville Elementary and Middle: Ms. Angela Kerrick. Ms. Kerrick (formerly an Assistant Principal at Wicomico Middle) took over as the Pittsville AP from Ms. Nancy Guillemart, who is now an Assistant Principal at Mardela Middle and High.

    Assistant Principal, Bennett Middle: Ms. Johanna Duncan. Ms. Duncan (formerly Assistant Principal at Northwestern Elementary) became a BMS Assistant Principal, taking over from former BMS AP Ms. Alison Dunn, who is now an AP at James M. Bennett High.


    Assistant Principals, Wicomico Middle: Ms. Latonya Wilson and Ms. Jo A. Branham. Ms. Wilson (formerly an Assistant Principal at Aberdeen Middle) and Ms. Branham (formerly a Dean of Students at Bennett Middle) replaced former Wi Middle APs Mr. Bobby Purnell, who is now a Pupil Personnel Worker, and Ms. Angela Kerrick, who now serves as AP for Pittsville Elementary and Middle.

    Assistant Principal, Mardela Middle and High: Ms. Nancy Guillemart. Ms. Guillemart (formerly Assistant Principal at Pittsville Elementary and Middle) filled an Assistant Principal vacancy at MMHS.

    Assistant Principal, Wicomico Evening High and English Language Support Center (ELSC): Ms. Amy Rhodes. Ms. Rhodes (formerly an Assistant Principal at James M. Bennett High) replaced AP Ms. Shawn Gardner, who retired.

    Assistant Principals, James M. Bennett High: Mr. Brent Lewis and Ms. Sarah Harmon (both formerly Deans of Students at James M. Bennett High), and Ms. Alison Dunn (formerly an Assistant Principal at Bennett Middle). They replaced former APs Dr. Undrea Blake (now Principal of Wicomico High), Mr. Jason Capobianco (now Principal of Wicomico Middle), and Ms. Amy Rhodes (now Assistant Principal of Evening High and English Language Support Center).

    Assistant Principal, Wicomico High: Ms. Tessa Celeste. Ms. Celeste (formerly a Dean of Students at WiHi) replaced Ms. Sheree Douglas-Johnson, who is now an Assistant Principal at Prince Street Elementary.