Mission Statements

  • Mission

    Our Mission at Fruitland Intermediate School is to educate our students so they can achieve their highest levels of learning. Our goal is to provide an educational climate in which each student will:
    • develop a desire to learn,
    • develop a positive self-image,
    • receive opportunities to be challenged, and experience a safe environment and positive school culture in which to grow.

    Belief Statement

    We the staff of Fruitland Intermediate Believe:
    • All students can learn.
    • We can and will provide a supportive learning environment and challenging curriculum that will direct each student toward his or her fullest potential.
    • We can and will respect the diversity of each individual as it relates to culture and learning styles.
    • We can and will support and implement the values as approved by the Wicomico County Board of Education.
    • Parents or guardians should be intimately involved in the education of their child(ren).
    • Our school will welcome and encourage parental and community involvement.
    • In the school-based decision making process.
    • We can and will commit to the continuous improvement of our school which is necessary in order to enable our students to become self-directed, life-long learners.