• Mission Statement:

    The mission of Westside Intermediate School is to foster a caring and safe environment in which all children are provided the opportunity to learn rigorous content with the prospect for individual growth and achievement. This educational foundation will enable learners to become responsible and productive citizens in a diverse and technological society.

    Belief Statements:

    We, the administration, staff and faculty of Westside Intermediate School believe the following:

    •  All students can learn.
    •  Each student will be challenged to reach his or her full potential.
    •  Each student will be challenged to become an independent thinker.
    •  The diversity of each individual, including his or her unique and innate characteristics, will be respected.
    •  Students will be exposed to a wide array of academic, technological, co-curricular, and extra-curricular experiences.
    •  Community-based values will be reinforced.
    •  Westside administration, staff and faculty welcome and encourage parental and community involvement.
    •  Continual reflection by the staff of Westside Intermediate School will occur to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of high quality education.