• How to set up a Family Portal Account for Parents:

    1. Go to Family Portal 

    (This link can also be found in the Quick Links Directory on www.wcboe.org/)


     2. Log onto portal

    Login ID

    Your Last Name (all lower case, no symbols or spaces, and no more than 14 characters), Your First Name Initial, Last 4 digits of the student’s social security #

    Example fake student: Tom Smith: smitht1234



    Student 5 digit lunch #

    Example: 02468


    3. Click “Log On”

    4. Set New Password


    Enter your 5 digit lunch # as the current password and then create your new password. (You will be automatically logged off the Family Portal system if an incorrect password is put in 3 times in a row. If this happens, contact the school office to get your account reset. After the reset, you will need to set up the account again).