ESOL in Wicomico Public Schools

  • Program Goals and Objectives


    • To increase the English proficiency of English Language Learners (K-12) for Wicomico County Public School Students. The school system will provide high-quality language instruction to increase English proficiency levels in order to promote academic achievement. ESOL Program services include, (a) pull-out with ESOL teachers, (b) plug-in, (c) mainstream and (d) scheduled ESOL classes.
    • To provide high-quality professional development for ESOL teachers and tutorial services to enhance student learning opportunities and maximize academic achievement.
    • To provide meaningful community engagement programs, family literacy services, and parent outreach activities for English Language Learners and their families. 
    • To use data to make informed decisions about classroom strategies and instructional practices to meet the diverse needs of English Language Learners. 
    • To promote opportunities for content teachers to work (co-teach) with ESOL teachers to increase students’ proficiency levels. 
    • To prepare students for college and career post-secondary opportunities.








ESOL Children