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    School-Based Mentoring

    Mentoring at our K-12 schools, whether by volunteers or school personnel, brings caring adults and older peer relationships to the lives of our students in Wicomico County. The school setting is often seen as an opportunity for reaching larger numbers of youth in a controlled setting that also allows access to educational, recreational, and developmental supports that may enhance the mentoring relationship. Our school-based program can provide the following structures and goals:

    • We offer one-on-one, group, and team formats that allow for a variety of activities based on the number of available mentors and the resources available at the school. Also, there is the involvement of older students as mentors in a "near peer" format.
    • We understand that the shool setting provides emphasis on academic gains, improvements in school connectedness and attendance by participating youth and
    • We know that our program is a cost-efficient way of increasing the positive relationships students have in their lives, while also having the potential to boost factors that can lead to educational success such as connectedness to school environment and peers, improved relationships with teachers and staff, improved feelings of academic competence, and greater access and use of other supports such as tutoring, credit tracking, counseling, postsecondary planning and career exploration.

    The Wicomico Mentoring Project is a part of Student and Family Services at the Wicomico County Board of Education.

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    Mark S. Thompson, M.Ed.
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Application for Mentor/Volunteer Services

  • Click here for the application for Mentor/Volunteer Services. Complete and email to Mark S. Thompson.

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