James M. Bennett High School
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    The Department of Facility Services is a multi-disciplined, full-service facility management organization responsible for managing and maintaining our school system’s facilities and providing safe, clean, secure and comfortable facilities conducive to learning and in support of our Board’s mission.  We are an organization dedicated to solving facility related problems, attending to the overall stewardship and continuous care of our built environments, along with all of its assets, and in providing the necessary services, skills and resources required to meet those objectives while addressing the needs and demands of our users. 

    We do this by providing a wide range of professional and operational support services, integrated and organized around the in-house service disciplines of Planning, Construction, Maintenance, Operations and Energy Management.  We believe that in this way we can provide highly responsive, quality service as efficiently and effectively as possible, with the resources available, for all of our stake holders and the citizens of Wicomico County.