• Wicomico County Public School’s literacy instruction is relevant, purposeful, and explicitly taught with high expectations for all students. Each student is provided the opportunity to develop foundational skills, build knowledge and vocabulary through interacting with complex texts, and engage in evidence-based writing to become lifelong readers, writers, and communicators.

High School Reading Curriculum Overview

  • Grades 9-12

    Students will develop literacy skills through the integration of reading, writing, listening, speaking, language, and vocabulary.  Instruction is aligned to Maryland’s College and Career Readiness Standards.  Each quarter, students will read a variety of literary texts (such as novels, short stories, poetry, etc.) and a variety of information texts (such as: articles, autobiographies, websites, etc.).  Students will write argumentative, informational, and narrative pieces.  Program implementation involves direct, explicit instruction of reading and writing skills and strategies.


    We are currently piloting two research-proven intervention programs in Middle School and High School. The programs are Read 180 and Achieve 3000. You can click on the link below to review the materials and provide feedback. 





    Grades 9-10: English, Pre-AP, Honors

    Grade 11-2: English, Honors, AP

    Text: StudySync

    Units of Study: Each unit is centered around an Essential Question(s).


    Grade 9: English, Pre-AP 9

    Unit 1 Title: Divided We Fall

    Essential Question: Why do we feel the need to belong?

    Unit 2 Title: The Call to Adventure

    Essential Question: What will you learn on your journey?

    Unit 3 Title: Declaring Your Genius

    Essential Question: How do you define intelligence?

    Unit 4 Title: The Art of Disguise

    Essential Question: How do we perform for different audiences?


    Grade 10: English and Pre-AP 10

    Unit 1 Title: The Power of Communication

    Essential Question: Why do words matter?

    Unit 2 Title: Moving Forward

    Essential Question: How does culture influence your goals?

    Unit 3 Title: The Persistence of Memories

    Essential Question: How does the past impact the future?

    Unit 4 Title: The Ties That Bind

    Essential Question: What brings us back to one another?


    Grade 11: English and Honors English 11

    Unit 1 Title: Breaking Away

    Essential Question: How does independence define the American spirit?

    Unit 2 Title: The Highway

    Essential Question: How do journeys influence perspective?

    Unit 3 Title: No Strangers Here

    Essential Question: How does place shape the individual?

    Unit 4 Title: Living the Dream

    Essential Question: What does home mean to you?


    Grade 12: English and Honors English 12

    Unit 1 Title: What’s Next?

    Essential Question: How can we transform the future?

    Unit 2 Title: Uncovering Truth

    Essential Question: How do challenges cause us to reveal our true selves?

    Unit 3 Title: Fractured Selves

    Essential Question: What causes individuals to feel alienated?

    Unit 4 Title: Times of Transition

    Essential Question: How are we shaped by change?


    Grade 9-10 Honors Classes  will use the next grade level band of standards and units.  For example, Grade 9 Honors would use Grade 10 standards with correlating units.




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