• Wicomico County Public School’s literacy instruction is relevant, purposeful, and explicitly taught with high expectations for all students. Each student is provided the opportunity to develop foundational skills, build knowledge and vocabulary through interacting with complex texts, and engage in evidence-based writing to become lifelong readers, writers, and communicators.

Grades 6-8 English Language Arts

  • Students will continue to develop literacy skills through the integration of reading, writing, listening, speaking, language, and vocabulary. Instruction is aligned with Maryland’s College and Career Ready Standards. Each quarter, students will read literary (novels, short stories, poetry, etc.) and informational texts (articles, autobiographies, websites, etc.) and write argumentative, informative, and narrative pieces. Program implementation involves direct, explicit instruction of reading and writing strategies and skills.


    Course Names for Grades 6-8: Core ELA, Core Extended, Core Advanced

    Text: StudySync

    Units of Study: Each unit is centered around an Essential Question(s).


    Grade 6 Core and Core Extended

    Unit 1: Testing Our Limits

    Essential Question: What do we do when life gets hard?

    Unit 2: You and Me

    Essential Question: How do relationships shape us?

    Unit 3: In the Dark

    Essential Question: How do you know what to do when there are no instructions?

    Unit 4: Personal Best

    Essential Question: Which qualities of character matter most?


    Grade 7 Core and Core Extended

    Unit 1: Conflicts and Clashes

    Essential Question: When do differences become conflicts?

    Unit 2: Highs and Lows

    Essential Question: What do we learn from love and loss?

    Unit 3: Chasing the Impossible

    Essential Question: What makes a dream worth pursuing?

    Unit 4: Moment of Truth

    Essential Question: How can one event change everything?


    Grade 8 Core and Core Extended

    Unit 1: Everyone Loves a Mystery

    Essential Question: What attracts us to the mysterious?

    Unit 2: Past and Present

    Essential Question: What makes you, you?

    Unit 3: No Risk, No Reward

    Essential Question: Why do we take chances?

    Unit 4: Hear Me Out

    Essential Question: How do you choose the right words?


    Grades 6, 7, & 8 Core Advanced will use the next grade level band of standards and units. 

    • For example, Grade 6 Core Advanced would use Grade 7 standards with correlating units.  




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