• Music education provides a vehicle through which students can fulfill a variety of developmental needs. As an interrelated and vital part of the total school experience, it supports and intensifies learning.  Music provides students with the opportunity to develop their intellect, individual sensitivity, psychomotor skills and social skills. Through music, students also develop an understanding and appreciation of the multicultural society in which they live. Further, music is a discipline with sequential knowledge and skills that promote self-discipline and positive self-esteem. Because of the ordered nature of the elements of music, students learn to think with increasing complexity. And, because of the creative potential in music, they learn to think in divergent ways. It is through organized, sequential music instruction, therefore, that we educate the whole child. 


    The Wicomico County Public Schools provides a comprehensive music program which leads to the development of:


    the skills necessary to perceive, perform, and respond to music;

    an understanding of music as an essential aspect of history and human experience;

    the ability to creatively organize musical ideas and sounds;

    the ability to make aesthetic judgments.


    At the middle school level, students will continue to apply and develop musical concepts developed at the elementary level. Students will become more proficient at musical performance as they utilize complex thinking skills. By engaging in quality musical experiences, students continue to develop a positive self-concept, a sense of personal accomplishment, self-discipline, critical thinking skills, and an increased capacity for intrinsic reward. As students continue to interact with each other and study music of varying cultures, a respect for diverse cultures and an appreciation for other points of view are heightened. The impact of technological advances must be considered in addressing the role of music in contemporary society. Recorded sound and telecommunications have made music from all world cultures available to most people. Electronically generated and controlled sound has increased the potential for individuals to participate more actively and creatively in making music. Wicomico County Public Schools provides all students the opportunity to utilize current musical technology for instruction and


    Music education in Wicomico County Public Schools is an interrelated and vital part of the total school experience. By developing the skills and understandings necessary to describe, analyze, create, perform, and evaluate music of all cultures, students understand, through experience, why music is such a dynamic and vital part of our lives.