Elementary Visual Arts Philosophy

  • Through sequenced instruction in art, Wicomico County hopes to instill in students both knowledge of art skills and the appreciation of art as it affects the students’ daily living. Because of the nature of the content, instruction in art classrooms relies heavily upon student participation.

    Students will have an informed acquaintance with exemplary works of art from a variety of cultures and historical periods.

    Visual art is a language of pictorial imagery. One of the highest expressions of human achievement, visual art enhances the qualities of creativity, self-expression and communication. Basic to the visual art curricula is the belief that all students have creative potential and that given appropriate opportunities that potential can be realized.

    The students of Wicomico County are challenged to become independent, self-motivated workers and creators just as they are encouraged to move toward advanced levels of artistic accomplishment and appreciation. The curriculum assists students in developing perceptual awareness, historical and multicultural perspectives, creativity, performance skills, and aesthetic sensitivity.

    In teaching elementary visual art our belief is to help students cultivate a lifelong love of art for expressing their thoughts, feelings and ideas. As elementary art educators our vision for students is to realize a higher quality of life in this society as a result of understanding and appreciating art.

    Skills and concepts taught in reading, social studies, language, science and math classes can be reinforced through art lessons. Problem solving in the art class develops higher level thinking skills. The study of art is an excellent way to promote creativity, self-esteem, and self-expression.

Elementary Visual Art Time Frame

  • Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 5 (1 class per 6 day cycle)