• All students will be physically educated by acquiring motor skills to perform a variety of physical activities, becoming knowledgeable in physical fitness concepts and being inspired to pursue a healthy lifestyle.


  • The purpose of this physical education program is to contribute to student’s psycho motor, cognitive and affective development which will enable them to become responsible and productive healthy members of society.


  • Mr. Nicholas Thompson

    Supervisor of Physical Education, Health &
    Family and Consumer Sciences

    Ms. Shannon Woolford

    Instructional Office Associate



    1. Safety is your 1st priority!!
    2. Instruction should be aligned to county and state curriculum guidelines
    3. Every lesson should be created and documented with a formal lesson plan
    4. Lesson content should include:
      1. An actively engaging warm-up 
      2. Objectives
      3. Differentiated activities -individual, small group or whole class
      4. Infusion of technology
      5. Informal or formal assessment
      6. Seamless lesson transitions -minimal downtime
      7. Rules and routines clearly established
    5. Students should be actively engaged
    6. Teachers should be actively engaged
    7. Good rapport between teachers and students
    8. Positive learning environment
    9. Lessons should be exciting and enjoyable
    10. Learning should be taking place every period, every day in all Wicomico County Public Schools!