World Languages Curriculum Summary

  • The goal of the World Language Program is to foster knowledge of a multilingual community through exposure to and study of foreign language. Through a cadre of differentiated activities, students interact in the target language by following the five standards advocated by the Maryland State Curriculum for World Languages: communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities.

    As part of the focus in Wicomico County to increase the number of students who graduate college and career ready, the World Language Program reinforces the implementation of the Maryland Common Core State Curriculum by:

    • Supporting functional proficiency in a world language.
    • Developing literacy skills in students' home and target language studies.
    • Providing a range of world language courses to meet the student needs.
    • Promoting respect for and appreciation of cultural differences.
    • Offering professional development opportunities for teachers of world languages.

Course Offerings

  • Beginning in 7th Grade, students have the opportunity to take elective courses in World Languages.  By 8th grade, students may earn high school credit for World Language classes in which they have earned a “C” or better.   

    Student study of Foreign Language continues into high school, including Advanced Placement options.  Students who wish to pursue a career requiring a four-year college degree need to enroll in at least two years of the same World Language.  

Benefits of taking a World Language