School Counseling
  • School Counseling Services are available in all Wicomico County Schools. Certified School Counselors are assigned to each school and some schools also have a Student Advisor to assist groups of students with issues that may be affecting their ability to attend to instruction.

    School Counseling Vision Statement
    The School Counselors of Wicomico County Public Schools advocate for all students by providing a comprehensive developmental guidance program that nurtures the students’ social, emotional, academic, personal and college and career readiness skills to equip the students to be self-actualized and therefore become productive citizens.

    Student Advisor Vision Statement
    The Student Advisors facilitate Pre-K thru 12 student success by implementing and advocating critical and essential supports and interventions for students and their families in order to maintain a safe, positive, and productive learning environment in the areas of academics, attendance, and behavior.

    Supervisor of Counseling                                                       Administrative Assistant
    Amy Rhodes                                                                             Deanna Robertson                                                                
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