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Parent Message 1-3

Good evening, Clipper families.  This is Principal Savage with your weekly message. 

As we get ready for school tomorrow the most important thing to remember is that we will start bright and early as 1st period will being at 7:45. Please take time to review the attached schedule.  full-day-jan4.png  Please also take time to charge laptops this evening and prepare workspaces so students can get into their first zoom session by 7:45 am.

We will continue to provide breakfast and lunch pick up in the A-wing parking lot from 8-10.  If this time does not work for your family with the full day virtual schedule, please remember you can pick up food from any school.  Check out the attached flyer about breakfast and lunch in Wicomico County.  meal bundles current info ALL 3 LANGUAGES 1-3-21.jpg 

Second semester is just around the corner so that also means Evening High School (EHS) registration is right around the corner as well.  If your student is looking to enroll in EHS or taking an additional class second semester be on the lookout for more information in our weekly email and on Facebook.

You can purchase JMB apparel until January 8th.  Please follow the link in the email for some cool JMB gear.  Purchasing items from this event will help support the class of 2022.

Our first school play during this virtual reality will take place on January 9th at 7:00 pm.  This will take place on our JMB Facebook Live Stream. Don’t miss out and be sure to check out the flyer for more information. Tales of Misfortune Flyer 1-4.png 

Starting a new year is a good time to reflect on the previous year, take in what you have learned, be proud of your accomplishments and approach the new year with hope and courage.  I think most of us deep down hoped that 2021 would suddenly end the pandemic and we could return to normal. It may be time to acknowledge that we cannot go back but we do have the honor as individuals, as a school and as a community to create a new “better” normal.  I heard someone say recently that we must move away from the “what was” and start looking toward “what is going to be.”  I know that I want to take part in establishing “what is going to be.”  Let’s join together as new “normal” trend setters and let’s make JMB even better in 2021.

Thank you and have wonderful evening.  Bulletin - JMB Weekly Bulletin 1-4.pdf