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ELA Test Sept 22 and 29 -- Delayed opening non test takers

Reminder for delayed opening this coming Wednesday, September 22nd (and next week on September 29th). All students should have received a "testing ticket" on Friday that indicates if they will be a tested student on either of those days or not. For those that need to test, the ticket will indicate if the student needs to report for testing on the 22nd, the 29th, or both days, along with the assessment(s) the student will take, and the room number to report to by 7:45. If there is a day your student is not reporting for testing, they should arrive at 11:15, at which time we will conclude testing and resume our normal schedule with 3rd and 4th period only. Bus transportation will make two runs on these delayed opening days, a run during normal time to pick up testers, and a 2nd run to pick up students who do not need to test. Please check with your student's bus driver for approximate pick-up time for the 2nd bus run. If you have any questions, please contact our testing coordinator, Ashley Gosseline.