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UPDATED 6/30: Secondary Summer School Bus Schedule Information for Students, Parents & Guardians


The buses listed below will be utilized for the 2023 Secondary Summer School being held at CHOICES (for Middle School students) and Parkside – Schumaker Complex (for High School students).  The bus arrival times are anticipated to be from 7:45am until 8:00 AM for the CHOICES Complex and 8:15 to 8:30 AM for the Schumaker Complex. Students will be dismissed from CHOICES Complex at 1:00 PM and from the Schumaker Complex at 1:30 PM. The buses will depart each school upon being loaded.


This program runs from Tuesday, June 27, 2023, through Wednesday, August 9, 2023. The program days of operation will be Monday through Thursday, except for the first week which will operate Tuesday through Friday only. All programs will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day and Tuesday, July 11th.


School bus transportation will be provided to and from pick up locations at various Wicomico County Schools throughout the county. You should select the collector stop that is closest to your residence. Approximate morning and afternoon arrival times are indicated within the parenthesis. Please be reminded that the supervision of students coming to, waiting at, and leaving from the bus stop is a parental responsibility. School buses will not be able to wait when arriving to these established bus stops. Bus assignments have been made based on the address information you have provided the school. You may call the bus contractors listed below to verify any bus information. If there was incorrect information or a change of information is needed, please notify the school not the bus contractor/driver. The school will then forward that information to the appropriate school bus contractor/driver.



The following buses will be servicing the indicated collector bus stops (schools) listed below:


Faye Cannon (Bus 63) – 443-669-4313

Bennett Middle (6:45/2:35), Fruitland Intermediate (6:55/2:15), Fruitland Primary (7:05/2:25), Pinehurst Elementary (7:20/2:05), James M. Bennett (7:30/1:55), Prince Street (7:35/1:50), Glen Avenue Elementary (7:45/1:40).


WCPS Transportation Office (Bus 157)- 410-677-4499

Willards Elementary (6:50/2:20), Pittsville School (7:05/2:10), Beaver Run Elementary (7:20/2:00), East Salisbury Elementary (7:30/1:50), North Salisbury Elementary (7:40/1:45).


WCPS Transportation Office (Bus 160)- 410-677-4499

Delmar Elementary (7:00/2:20), West Salisbury Elementary (7:25/2:00), Salisbury Middle (7:30/1:50), Chipman Elementary (7:35/1:45),


WCPS Transportation Office (Bus 166)- 410-677-4499

Northwestern Elementary (7:00/2:30), Westside Intermediate (7:10/2:10), Pemberton Elementary (7:25/1:55), Wicomico Middle (7:35/1:45), Wicomico High (7:40/1:40).